Flowers are in

We are all up and at work at 4,47 am! Even the two M’s are pottering around, who knows why? Filming was fun yesterday Mungo followed instructions perfectly, Maud was having none of it. “Nope I will not sit next to Mummy or look at the camera or take instructions from anyone or do anything that I don’t want to do” I reckon she said to herself. Took her to the corner where we had a little time out and a quiet word.  Told her how important this was and please could she just follow in her bro’s footsteps and then we would go via the Ginger Pig (a butchers) and get her the hugest treat, but that had little effect! C’est la vie!

If any of you guys happen to be in town in December you have to go via Debenhams in Oxford Street when the whole store is completely revamped, its looking so cool I have to say. 7 floors,  the hugest beauty floor, cafes, personal shopping. fab homeware (obviously) and so much more.

So our new flowers are in and we’ve just gotten the beautiful pictures  back from the coolest photographer in the biz and my good bud Graham Atkins Hughes, check out below. There are wreaths and little bouquets, cool posies, foliage, deep red roses, beautiful hydrangea, ivy, eucalyptus and way more. They are all going online today and the little posies and bouquets will be in the store tomorrow when Gem and I are in for most of the day getting it all Christmassy looking. Fun!




19 thoughts on “Flowers are in

  1. I think these new flowers need to be seen, I am itching for new flowers… so if weather permit I will visit tomorrow. I think Debenhams really needed a revamp. we were there 2 weeks ago and after going to Selfridges it is such a contrast. Their designers Xmas ad is really good though.

  2. The new flowers are fantastic – have just ordered those which I am guessing are in the berry & hydrangea bouquet above – can’t wait to see them against my newly aubergine-coloured walls!

  3. Hi Abigail
    Just wondering if the bouquets are going online. I love the one with the lilac hydrangeas. I’m coming down a week before Christmas but thinking you might sell out before then.

    • They are going online on Tues, its hard to say if we are going to run out. Going from past years its possible I hate to say you can always place the order and we can keep it in the back of the store for you if you want

  4. Hi Abigail
    The flowers are beyond belief!!! you and your sister are a fabulous team! I so wish I was in the UK for Christmas so I could pop in to the shop and see the Christmas look!
    Please post some images for those of us who live far away….

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