What we’re cooking

I’ve changed the categories around on the blog a tad, dropped a few added some more in as with the business continually evolving I wanted to bring it more in line with how we are moving forward. Food is now a big part of the brand, setting up the Larder has been the hugest success and to have thought a few months back I had sleepless nights worrying over introducing food. Need to trust my gut more and worry less I reckon, you would think I would have learned that by now, right!

It’s selling out faster than we can keep up with especially with the holidays approaching.  Our biggest sellers:

The deluxe ketchups, ginger and lemon, black olive and rosemary or porcini mushroom. The walnut mustards (my fav) truffle oils and of course all the jams and pesto are all flying off the shelves as well. Below is one of the recipes we cooked on the weekend outside of course on our big green egg. So rather than putting the cod in the oven and on a baking tray we put it on a wood plank and barbecued it. Not only did it give the fish wonderful flavour but it also imparted  a beautiful colour and texture. I used cedar planks but you can use oak, maple, alder the list is pretty endless, and its so darn simple. Luckily we are not overlooked we’ve grown foliage up all sides of the garden so nobody can peer in, otherwise you might have seen a couple of pyjama wearing people with two kiddos (bow wows) sitting outside on a December eve cooking!

So obsessed am I with the BGE (big green egg) I’m wondering if I can cook the Christmas lunch on it? Check out the journal here for the full recipe:


4 thoughts on “What we’re cooking

  1. You can, just recently went to a masterclass at Darts Farm at Topsham, we had Vacheron , wonderfully soft and smokey from the Egg, with nibbles, followed by the Turkey cooked in the Big Egg, fthen Baked Alaska! the meringue had a slightly smokey taste. The turkey was the best I have tasted, really unusual, slight smokey taste, beautifully moist.

  2. Hi Abigail, so pleased your Larder is doing well! I think foodiness fits perfectly with homes and interiors. Amazing to cover it all in one!
    I too am planning on cooking the Christmas turkey on our Big Green Egg…practicing this weekend on a chicken, cannot wait!

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