Decorating with foliage

Is it too early to buy the Christmas trees do you think? I want real ones and wondering if the heating will dry them out. Its feeling so much like Christmas, the weather has gotten colder, I’ve got fires and candles in the studio, the light is so soft and heavenly even had a bit of classical music on last night and now I want the tree or trees. One for the studio., one no maybe two for the lower ground floor (a small one for the island and a larger one elsewhere) and I’m sort of wanting them like now! So thinking of quitting work this afternoon and getting them. The kiddos get soooo excited when the trees arrive. Do they chew them, bark at them zoom round them at crazy hour (they have crazy hour which isn’t really an hour its like 20 mins just before their supper) when they go nuts. They zoom round the island, run full pelt onto the sofa, clamber over the sofa, sprint into the garden, bark at the squirrel, cat, bird, leaves anything that moves and then do the same thing over again, its the funniest thing – hope they never grow up those two!

The reason I’m so in the mood for Christmas is that yesterday I was looking at Domaine Home and saw how Jessica Biel had decorated a room for the holidays using elements that totally resonate with me – lots of foliage! As I say endlessly, foliage is the way to go for the holidays, lasts so much longer and it smells out of this world. Some images below from Domaine. Oh and as I’ve said before  strip off any leaves below the water line and cut up the stems with scissors to increase the drinking time. Also you don’t need large arrangements foliage in little vessels like t-lights is heavenly for the Christmas table or occassional tables anywhere and everywhere!

decCool idea for a coffee table no?



Tomorrow I am in the store; Gem and I are actually both in so if you want bouquets or flower advice or any sort of table arrangement take advantage of her.  She can of course still put things together in the weeks leading up but she’s probably not in on a Saturday again at least I don’t think she is. Plus its not everyday that you get a super star florist who has worked on some of the world’s leading events including a supper for President Clinton to do your flowers right! Don’t tell her I said that her head might get big!

Any other advice I’m on hand I can’t actually work the till or wrap (unless you want everything to look like a wine bottle) but I can lend a hand! Not sure quite how much help I will be for Gem but hey, we are a team and in these crazy few weeks before the hols its all hands on deck!


5 thoughts on “Decorating with foliage

  1. oh now i’m jealous… i’m in the heat of a queensland summer and it’s never felt less like christmas! but regardless, foliage beats tinsel any day of the week! beautiful images

  2. Love your blog – always inspiring! We’re in the other hemisphere..27 degrees today, and even warmer forecast for the weekend. Summer, cicadas’ and bbq’s and we’ll be getting our Christmas tree tomorrow and decorating in warm and balmy temperatures. So no! not too soon for christmas trees!
    Esther, New Zealand

  3. Hi Abigail, Australlian Natives really lend themselves to being used at this speacial time of year. Think Waratahs, proteas, Eucalypts and grevillias, Kanagroo paw. All just crying out to be used to celebrate the festive season.

    Happy Decorating – Shell A Darlings Nest

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