Sneak peak of my new S/S collection for Debenhams

I have been dying to show you guys my new spring/summer 14 range for Debenhams. A new collection of flocked lights, a flocked bison head, mirrors, cushions and so much more. I hope you love as much as I do. I think the colours on this collection will bring rooms alive. I wanted pieces that shouted luxury but were also were a little quirky. Not  gimmicky but cool. I drew references from Palm Beach for inspiration on the collection and the colours.

Due to hit stores at the end of the month, in fact I believe the parrot lamp is actually in stock now;

All photography by photographer extraordinaire Graham Atkins Hughes

Deb_007_0218 1

Deb_001_0038 1



Deb_008_0229 copy


That is not all of it just a sneak peak, hope you like. I’m off to India for a week so no blogging from me – see you back here week on Monday . Oh and all our new flowers and plants will be up on the website next week. The team are working on them as we speak, I’ll post some shots on facebook later today.


31 thoughts on “Sneak peak of my new S/S collection for Debenhams

  1. Yeah, I love your new Collection! Excited for you and your trip to India! You are an inspiration! When are the paints available? Can you show the color chart already?
    Love, have a fun trip!! 🙂

  2. Wow Abigail ! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous ! You have surpassed yourself, must get me a bison head and all will be well with the world. Have a great trip.

  3. Are your new paint colours used within the above shots? if so loving them. Also loved your post yesterday, I’ve noticed a couple of people copying you pretty much like for like. It’s great to have the inspiration of others but we have to stay true to our own styles. Have a great trip!

  4. Can’t wait to see the new flowers, I’m poised to buy something cool for our new mantelpiece. Have a great time in India. Hopefully get booked up for design school in June

  5. Oh goodness, love the new collection! We are very happy with our ‘Herbert Hare’ lamp (as I call him) who sits proudly in our office with his jaunty pink frilly hat… I think he might have to be joined by Billy Bison quite soon…. LOVE the sense of fun and style you incorporate into your pieces. I am working myself up to a long overdue visit to your shop this weekend. Cannot. Wait.

    Look forward to hearing of your India foray x

  6. LOVE your new collection for Debenhams! I’m getting the bison head for sure – the texture is just fab. I’m bummed I won’t be able to purchase the lamps since they’re not on the International site (only the UK) & I live in NY.
    I did place an order for the Hare lamp back in Nov. (on the UK site & chose international shipping)…..but over a month later they informed it was lost in transit. I placed a 2nd order & that one got lost too, I just found out. There have been countless emails with customer service but to no avail.
    I figured out the problem but they still won’t fix it. Shame because it’s a simple fix.
    If there’s any way that you know of that I can purchase both the Hare lamp & the new Parrot lamp, please let me know. My email is
    Sooooo looking forward to your new flowers & plants! The ones I ordered from you recently are my favorite things in my living room – hands down.
    Thanks for all you do – have a fab time in India!

  7. Loving the new collection I already saw the parrot lamp (and couple of other bits and thought that was it) and then you hit us with bison head, heron lamp and cushions…fabulous!! I will def be getting the bison and maybe one of the lamps to add to my hare and other bits from the collection. I am becoming addicted to the range!!!

    Can’t wait to come to the store and see the paint collection. Also my husband just picked up the lurcher from your store which I ordered online but when I unpacked him noticed he was damaged, I will call the store and hopefully they can sort it for me?

    Enjoy India


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