An inspirational home

Morning hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Ours was a working one (again) apart from a few strolls with the two M’s we were busy getting the house ready for a shoot. I’m keeping everything crossed that next weekend I’ll be knee deep in horse manure gardening. That at least is the plan, and there is nothing better. Pottering in the garden composting!

Today is shoot day and there is still rather a lot to do so I had better get a move on. I wanted to show you a few images of  Gaby Dellal’s London home. Gaby is a filmmaker, funnily enough  I shot her sisters NYC pad for my first book.

Gaby’s house is eclectic, unique and filled with colour, texture and a bold spirit. Roller shutters panel a hallway wall, the shower room has walls panelled with old breadboards. None of it feels contrived, or overly designed. Beautifully effortless!




4You can see more of Gaby’s home over on Remodelista.

Very inspirational!

Talking of inspiration or needing some I don’t know about you guys but I’ve got this one room in the house that has been a thorn in my side forever, never really quite working.  That room being the schoolroom oddly enough. It’s a hard one to get right because for the most part it’s the studio for the ‘operations team’. Yet and here is my problem once a month it gets turned into the school where up to  18 people sit and listen to me yabbering. So I’m super restricted with what I can do with. The table and chairs take up the whole space, so I’ve got to deal with that and a whole host of storage. We don’t have enough storage is this house since I am not a fan of walls of doors but I need it up here for everything like  officey stuff, extra bedding, extra coats, paint can galore that kind of stuff. However on the weekend I had an epiphany. Rip out all the wardrobes that run along one side of the room and instead section the fireplace end of the room off for storage. Ditch the super large table and get an oval, marble a wall (in wallpaper) paint it all out in the most favourite of my new paint colours Madison grey, add a console, some art, a rug, flowers – donzo!

That’s the plan once today is over its full systems ahead on the room, apart from a few looming very important deadlines that is, so it might not be that immediate but I think this could work!



9 thoughts on “An inspirational home

  1. I found it hard to take my eyes off of Gaby’s beautiful wood floors 🙂
    Your idea for the schoolroom sounds intriguing. (Do you EVER stop re-creating your spaces – either in your head or for real??!)

  2. The living room is looking little awkward because of the double height ceiling and the iron pillars, the upper portion of the home is looking great as it is beautifully designed and decorated. Thank you for sharing the post that somehow giving the ideas of interior decoration like the picture frames in the living room, the pendant and floor lamps are really awesome.

  3. We were about to have our carpenter build us a wall of cabinets in our bedroom ( similar to pictures that you have featured on your blog.) we were going to glam them up with funky handles or hooks like you did in your bedroom. I noted your comment about “not being a big fan of walls of doors”. Do you suggest not going this route after all and if so can you offer some alternatives. We have a lack of storage options at our place too and thought this would clean up the bedroom and help us get better organized.

    • In our bedroom we used to have floor to ceiling wardrobes. Now I’ve shorted the room by partioning it off with a fake wall with two doors each end which is now our wardrobe. I’ve put a big piece of art on the middle part so although we now have lots of storage the wardrobe is actually behind the wall. It took me about 10 years to figure that out because I was so against making the room smaller initially but I actually love it and you don’t need that much more space because our wardrobe is barely walkable in x

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