Why it works

Morning. Thank you for all your fabulous feedback on the changes I had in mind for the blog much appreciated. It will take us a couple of weeks to put into action, as I want to tweak the design  but it’s in the schedule so hopefully it won’t take that long.

I thought this morning we might critically look at an image and analyse why it works. Pulling a room together takes a bit of skill and for some of us its easier than others but when you figure out how to make it work its like having that perfect tool kit,  it makes everything that much easier.

The room is question is this one;


Simple, beautiful but why exactly does it work?

1. First and foremost the colour palette is reigned in see how everything blends harmoniously in this space not one thing jars.

2. Focal points. Never have one always have more. The reason to delight the eye! In this space the sofa is the main focal point but then the eye gets pulled to the desk and then the architecture so is travels around the room, stopping off here and there as it goes.

3. Layers . I am obsessed with layers. The more layers or areas you have in a space the more intriguing it will read and because that colour palette is reigned in you can get away with more than you ever thought.

4. Lively rhythm. In rooms we don’t want everything the same height (reads as too boring) so throw in some verticals like a floor lamp as these guys have done.  Layer small accessories in front of larger accessories and you’ll get this fantastic lively rhythm going on.

Easy when you know how right ?


5 thoughts on “Why it works

  1. Morning, this colour palette thing really throws me actually, because I do see super-colourful rooms with textiles from Mexico or Morocco etc and they still seem to work. Also, if you were decorating in a room with dark grey walls, would you choose 2 or 3 colours that sort of harmonise with that (like the deep purple and taupe above) or more zingy colours? or does it not matter, provided you only have a couple?

    • Colourful rooms totally work I’m just drilling into this one and showing why it does also. Oh and it totally doesn’t matter which way you go blend or clash just restrain the number of hues and it won’t seem crazy

  2. Thank you for the tips; very helpful. I would have added an accent colour but seeing this I realise that this look is much more harmonious and looks very classy. I need to keep these points in mind.

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