Paint Range – Revealed!

Hugely excited to show you guys my new paint range it’s been one of the most exciting and rewarding things I’ve done. The palette is inky (obviously) supremely sophisticated, luxurious, tantalising and totally transformative. Not bad for a can of paint hey! Let me show you exactly what I mean as I’ve painted the whole house out in our new palette as you can see below. All the photographs are by Graham Atkins Hughes.

Lets start with Madison Grey. I am a little obsessed with this hue, my lower ground floor is painted out in it (see below), the store is painted out in it and also the school is about to be transformed with it. It’s grey but it has undertones of green. It’s such a beautiful hue, it was the first colour we painted and I’ve been obsessed ever since!


Next up Hudson Black. This is the softest black on the planet as it has undertones of brown.  It has completely and utterly transformed my studio (see below). I’ve love this hue, I wanted a black that felt almost like butter soft, dense, enveloping. Love love love it.


HH_008_0149-001(1) copy

The other side of the studio is Bedford Brown most people paint rooms that have been knocked through in the same hue but I wanted this part of the studio to feel slightly different. It’s where we hold meetings, yabber and so forth and it works beautifully with Hudson. It’s lighter in tone by a step or two but still has incredible depth. Tranquil, calming beautiful


Mulberry Red is next alongside Mercer green. I sneak peaked Mulberry to you before. This hue has been the most surprising since I am not a red girl in any shape or form at least not on the walls. Until now that is. This hue has undertones of black so it’s little blackberry, its a little black also a little red it changes with the light, it plays with the imagination, we’ve painted the whole hall out in it and its never looked so good! Mercer Green is one of those intoxicating high voltage hues transforming anything it hits into something supremely glam.


Up to my bedroom. This is Crosby. Crosby is the most calming hue on earth its brown with pink undertones so  it soothes, cocoons, it calms its so very peaceful fab for bedrooms.


Onto the bathroom which is painted out in Wooster and is a beautiful hue. I am a little obsessed with olive I may need an extension as I want to paint more rooms out in it!


More shots and more paint colours over on our latest  Journal which has just launched.  You can see it by clicking here

Hope you guys like, do let me know I need cheering up. I have bronchitis apparently with a fever thrown in for good measure so I’m bed ridden and have been all week!

99 thoughts on “Paint Range – Revealed!

  1. Abigail…I am overwhelmed with the urge to move into your home immediately!! Congratulations on achieving something most paint companies fail to get…subtlety and strength in a paint can!! Amazing colours….Wooster Olive and Bedford Brown are my favourite…and I am not even a fan of earth tones!! Love them all actually..

  2. I’ve already put my order in for Bedford brown. I’m going to decorate with a old pattern anaglypta wallpaper and paint everything walls,floor and doors everything. and add your ballroom chandeliers ( a little question on that I’ve one light at top and one at bottom but a small narrow hall would you put two of the same chandeliers or two different). Anyway hope you feel better soon and love love the paint range and great price xx

    • You will love Bedford its such a soft hue. If it were me I think I would go for the same, or if not the same similar in style. For example in my studio which is knocked through I have two chandeliers which are slightly different but almost the same it tends to look more cohesive I think x

  3. Sorry to hear you are unwell – I hope you get well soon.
    Love the paint. I have been waiting for you to launch your range as I am waiting to decorate my Bathroom. I was thinking green so the Wooster Olive is fab but am looking for an accent colour which could sit well with the Olive as well as a purple flocked mirror (from you Debenhams range). I have the purple mirror on one wall and wanted to paint the opposite wall with the accent colour – could you please advise?

  4. WOW, the colors are simply amazing!!! you are my muse, and you never cease to inspire me (i a not kissing butt either 🙂 i hope one day your paint range and also some of your collections will be available over here in New Zealand 🙂 (p.s hope you feel better soon )

  5. Abigail, they are gorgeous colours! Cannot wait to get hold of the chart. Are you doing sample pots? I need them ALL!!!

    Get well soon so you can enjoy and celebrate this super exciting moment! Congratulations.

  6. I love these inky dark lovelies. I’ll be moving home soon and now have a delicious new colour pallet to choose from, can’t wait! Congratulations!

  7. Hey there, the paint colours are absolutely beautiful & I particularly love Mulberry Red which I will be buying. Well done you!!* Get well soon as I’ve also missed reading your blogs as they brighten up my day.

  8. Get well soon! Felt excited looking at these photographs. Skipping beats in heart. Amazing as always and so generous in your blog with ideas, photographs …love that playing card with mickey mouse ears in your bookcase. Can’t wait to see journal.
    Kizzi X

  9. Absolutely love all the colours, can’t wait to try some out. The Journal is amazing, well done! Sorry to hear you’re not well, hope you are soon on the mend x

  10. Madison Grey here for me (I think). Not a huge fan of green so it throws me a bit to hear it has green undertones….but seeing it in the photo and TOTALLY believing in your eye for just the right thing, I’ll be checking it out when I go grey here!

    Do take time for and give your attention to recovery!

    • I’ve always been funny with greens so I know where you are coming from. This hue however has got undertones of browns, greys its pretty hard to describe but its pretty darned cool if I am allowed to say such things x

  11. I love all of these colours so much, I imagine this kind of depth is just impossible to find…as soon as i get my own house the whole thing will be painted in these! Hope you feel better soon. x

  12. You are killing me Abigail!! It’s a case of look but don’t touch as we can’t get it in Australia.
    They are beautiful. I love the dark grey.

  13. Love the range Abigail. After spending months testing out dark greys, I finally painted the walls and ceilings TWICE because it wasn’t quite the right shade the first time round….when can you come to our aid and get this stuff over to us in Australia??!!
    Hope you’re back on track soon.

    • Thank you, would love to have the range in Australia just trying to convince a brand to take it isn’t so easy, I guess because its not super conventional. We’ll stick with it and I will let you know if we have any luck x

  14. ps: definitely deserves a special section in blog to show how one can play with the paint range, as you have thought about in your post last month about blog revamped. i am giddy with anticipation!!

  15. The new paints are just beautiful Abigail and I really love what you have done with them. I’m in Scotland and may have a bit of a challenge persuading my clients to go over to The Dark Side but I’m up for it! Hope you feel better soon. I had a similar thing a few weeks ago and it was awful so I do sympathise!

  16. Absolutely GORGEOUS Abigail. Been bursting with excitement since I saw them. My Studio will be painted in them very soon! Sad to hear you’re convalescing – but just take time to sit back and watch the magic unfold!! You deserve it!

  17. sorry to hear you’re unwell. these days i feel i’ve no time to be unwell so it’s a total pain isn’t it when you’re feeling under the weather. try and rest as in the long run it will mean you will get better quicker (I struggle to do this myself)

    I think your paints are utterly delicious and i want them all over my house. love wooster olive and madison grey so they will be the first ones in ….

    btw – i bought both your books the other day and you will be pleased to know that i’m currently typing away with remnants of flamingo pink and bright green on my fingers having just transformed a number of pieces in my home this morning !!!!

    get well soon 🙂

  18. Ok so first of all I love that you’ve named your colours after streets in Manhattan. So Downtown, so chic…but Abigail you have called me all manner of problems and gotten me into bother with hubby. We’ve just pictured up litres of F & B’s Stifkey Blue for our hall, and I don’t want it any more. Just called the store and hurrah they will take paint back unopened but not sure hubby is speaking to me at the mo! I want your paint!! I just can’t decide which one? I live in a victorian house with a large hall that’s quite grand architecturally, which really needs warming up. I hope all this wonderful feedback is cheering you up! Bravo Abigail. Xx

      • Louise I think it’s hilarious that we are all the same in the ‘changing our minds’ camp. I have plans for Abigail’s new paint too and I know initially my husband will sign and think ‘Fi….really?!’ but they let us get on with it don’t they !!!
        today he is coming home to green neon antlers in the hall, pink drawers in the snug and magnetic blackboard paint on the larder…….just warming him up for moody walls !!! 🙂

  19. Hi, Abigail- I do hope you recover soon.
    Good opportunity to stay in bed and cozy up in the lovely nest you’ve made, though. Try and get a couple of days watching crap TV and eating cheese on toast when you feel a bit better before relaunching yourself on the world!
    Louise’s post made me laugh as I absolutely love stiff key blue – for me going dark is still all about colour… But I also love the way you talk about the layers of colour in your paints and I am hoping to come up to the shop when they’ve launched and see them ‘ in the flesh’. Very exciting! Can’t want for my next order to arrive- more plants and a beautiful yellow vase xx

  20. Congratulations for your new paint range!
    All those colours are amazingly gorgeous!!! I’m only renting my flat 😦 but wish I could put the Crosby on the walls of my bedroom … And all the Mercer green in my living room ♥

  21. Hi there

    All the way from the Southern part of Africa, where do we buy your paint, I just love, love the colours. Suzette

      • Congratulation on your new paint collection. Looks great!
        As I’m interested in blues, can I ask you which blue is on the pics used on your debenhams collection? The one behind Pelican in particular. I can’t decide by looking at your paint sample colours so i would be grateful for clarification:)

      • The blue isn’t from our paint range and the shoot was shot on location, sorry not to be of more help. Oddly enough the room where we shot the pelican is painted out black. its the light and the pigments in the paint that make it change colour. Cool no

      • South Africa stockists! Im moving.
        Come on Australia business- support this Paint. We need it here.

      • Sorry me again, so excited to start painting, but still on answer from supplier. Maybe I must be your supplier.

  22. I must confess that I have had a physical and emotional response just by seeing these colours here, I can only imagine how gorgeous they must be in the flesh. Abigail, if a friend were to post to me in Australia, is there a carrier that can cope with this sort of delicate cargo? Do you have sample cards that we can purchase that can come to Australia? Congratulations on realising such a beautiful range.

  23. Started off hating the Mulberry Red, then thought, umm maybe it’s okay. Came round to quite liking it and now I am bloody obsessed with it. It’s going in my dining room and then possibly all over me!
    Well done Abigail, these are truly inspired colours.

  24. Hi Abigail, I’m ready for repainting my ground floor, living room, kitchen and conservatory at the moment it’s all down pipe including kitchen cupboards and floors. My dilemma is I’m wanting Madison grey for living room and kitchen and Wooster olive for conservatory will Madison grey floor go with Wooster olive or is there a colour that looks better, what combination of colours would you recommend that look amazing together. X

    • Madison Grey and wooster are beautiful together, as are madison grey and bedford – amazing, madison grey and hudson also cool which is the combo I have here in the studio overlooking my lower ground floor. I would suggest you sample them first and see how they look. Note that because they are made from natural pigments they have layers of colours within them so will become darker or lighter depending on where the sun is. Hope tha helps

  25. Beautiful colours!
    Where might I get it in Denmark? Or is there perhaps a store online that will ship a few litres here?

  26. Since recently coming across your book Decorating with style I am now obsessed with inky tones and delighted to see these gorgeous new colours…..congrats on a great job

  27. Late in the game with posting, but I hope you’re 100% recovered, & I ADORE your paint colors. Every. Single. One.
    Will there be any way to buy them in NY? Crossing my fingers……

  28. Hi, Abigail. I, too, am late in the day in congratulating you on the MOST amazing paint collection. Your talent never ceases to amaze me.

    Luckily for me, I am about to start decorating a whole house which is painted white.

    For one of the bathrooms, I have chosen matt copper vinyl floor tiles with gloss black mosaics for the shower enclosure. Possibly iridescent copper splash back, too. Can you recommend a few paint colours of yours to complete my glam/rock/inky theme please?

    I am as excited as a little kiddy!

    • Very kind of you thank you its never to late! You could go lots of ways, Madison Grey is one of my favs and has lots of green hidden within and is super glam, or alternately bedford brown would look beautiful with copper and it works with black as I’m looking at it now. Hudson black is another way to go or the blues. Sorry that isn’t much help is it!

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