Newsy stuff and some styling tips

A couple of newsy things first and then down to business. Not sure if you recall but I am off to Hong Kong tomorrow with Gem for business so no blog next week. You can however keep up with me on instagram ( Facebook and twitter, all of which I will be active on when out there. It’s a pretty hectic schedule but an exciting one and a new direction for the business so worth it we hope which is pretty exciting. I’m not quite at the exciting stage yet however as I hate leaving the M’s & G. They however seem rather nonchalant about me going I guess it’s the thought of late nights, who knows what food and TV (sci fi – ugg)!

Our SALE ends on Tuesday evening. and the store in closed over the Easter Holidays on Sunday and Monday just so you know. The paint tins which were due in this week haven’t yet arrived in store, as there was a slight printing delay but all the paint should be in next week. I think that ends the newsy stuff.

With a long weekend ahead for some of us (at least) lets talk styling. More specifically styling a coffee table like a pro. I don’t like seeing empty tables they leave me a little cold so all the tables in my house have stuff on them.

Here are a few tips:

Add a tray. If you have lots of little things they can look messy so add a tray it will anchor your collection.  Also if you happen to have a really large coffee table a tray will break up the surface nicely, its what the pros do you know!


Compositions matter so you will want to vary the height of the things on the table; same principle goes for mantles and shelves. Why – because different shapes add interest and intrigue its as simple as that. Anything can look super cool if it’s artfully arranged. I’m looking down on my coffee table right now and apart from the beer bottle on the heap of books from last night (craft beer I might add) I’ve got a plant, three stacks of books, some t-lights and a bowl of pot pouri. Sorted!

vary height1

Consider you colour palette. If everything is a different colour it can get pretty confusing so if you whittle it down to just a few shots it will look way more cohesive. Of course if you want the vibe to feel super eclectic just add more colour!

colour palette

Pile up the books – place little heaps in different directions like I’ve done with mine to add depth and dimension. Easiest peasiest thing to do! Just remember not to only have books. Add height through flowers and plants, vary the texture etc.

Pretty simple stuff no? Have a lovely Easter and week ahead, I shall miss you guys x


17 thoughts on “Newsy stuff and some styling tips

  1. Have a great trip Abigail.
    Just wondering are you going to have some printed colour charts for your paint range in store?

  2. Great tips! Abigail, can I ask a a paint q? If I am repainting a whole house and I choose to paint out all the trim and ceilings the same as wall colour and choose a diiferent hue for each room…. That means the windows will be painted a different hue from room to room. Does this look okay? (not having a consistent window colour through the whole house) Or would you paint out all trim (doors, skirts,archs) except the windows? Sorry if this is the incorrect forum for this q or if you’ve covered this already a million times! x

    • Looks totally OK, and way more than OK! for example I’ve got an open plan studio with one half painted out brown the other black and the trim and windows are painted according to wall colour. As odd as this sounds you won’t even notice when its done I promise!

  3. Love your photos, tips and inspiration!
    Your thoughts on events at home while you’re away made me smile – I also work away a lot and my ‘Mr’ loves his take away and sci-fi too!
    Happy travels! 🙂

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