6 Tips to change up any room!

The revamp of the blog is taking slightly longer than anticipated but we are close, super close. I’m fussy (understatement) I know what I like and I know what I hate the trouble is communicating that. I see everything in my head, designs on a new space, a collection of new products, a colour, the revamped blog even. It is the communicating it across part where the trouble begins. Plus I have no patience but I am trying to buy some in so rather than pulling a face and shouting yuk as I often do when I get presented with something I dislike I’m going for a more diplomatic route. ‘I don’t totally love ‘ is my new line – lets see how it pans out, I shall keep you posted!

I thought this morning it might be fun to list my top top tips that will turn any room from bland and boring into fabulous. They are in no particular order of importance but whether I’m designing a spa in Palm Beach or a bachelor pad in Paris the same rules apply!

Tip One. You can never have too many pictures; they add intrigue, dimension and character. You can hang, prop, and even lay everywhere and anywhere.


Tip Two. Use your books as part of your tablescape. I’ve said this before and I shall do so again, a sweet little stack of books on a table adds pattern, texture and charm to any piece of furniture.

Tip Three. Think outside of the box when it comes to colour. We are not sheep (although sometimes I think we are) we don’t all have to have white walls and Scandinavian furniture. Dabble a bit into unchartered waters, as soon as I left the safe zone and entered the danger zone I feel in love with this house, more than I could ever imagine. It has become my sanctuary, my cocoon and  feels uniquely personal to me. As a side tip use colour in unexpected places like the back of a door or shelves, or in the loo for an unexpected twist. Particularly good if you are frightened of colour, but don’t be once you make friends with it there is no going back!


Tip Four. Open shelving is essential especially in kitchens where almost everything is behind closed doors. It adds intrigue and depth. Game changer!

Tip Five. Lighting is probably one of the most important elements, EVER. It creates mood, atmosphere, makes us happy (or sad if we don’t get it right) fundamental!

Tip Six. Add an element of quirk. Not to be gimmicky or silly but to lighten the mood. Decorating often takes itself way to seriously or at least the people in the biz do so by adding something that makes you smile you will automatically make your space feel more relaxed. I go for a 20 80 split. 20% of my things are quirky, 80% are not that way I still get the glam, sophisticated vibe I love but with a bit of an edge.

So there you have it, 6 tips that will change up any room.

Happy Tuesday!


7 thoughts on “6 Tips to change up any room!

  1. I love your blog!! The “think outside the box” philosophy has been one I have used for years…but I still was being conservative with color on the walls until I read your blog…now I am painting & experimenting… acting on stepping out of the comfort zone has been freeing in many ways….Thanks for your inspiration 😀

  2. Fab tips. I love art/pics/photos, anything that adds a personal touch and adds character. Definitely need to learn to think more outside the box. Its always fascinating to see a collection of books except mine currently isn’t something to shout home about – i’ll work on that, I’ve joined a book club so thats sure to help! Lamps and lighting are very important, the correct light can transform a space, creating mood ares and adding such ambience. I have open shelving in my lounge and its a great way to display my treasures.

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  4. Abigail, just popping in to say thanks for inspiring me. We recently moved into our new home where we painted the entry walls and ceiling a dark gray. We love it – especially the dark ceiling!

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