Friday’s love them, especially  this one as I’m taking it off. This week has been a 6 dayer as there was a Design School last weekend and there is another one this weekend  (its Design School crazy at the mo). Talking of which yesterday we put a slide show up on the web of the day so if anyone is interested in coming along you get to see a bit more about it. Hope you like.  Anyways I’m not going to feel bad about taking some time out today  body is telling me to sloooooow it down so I am.  A stroll along the river for lunch at Petersham Nurseries with the 2 M’s  is the plan and then a bit of pottering in the afternoon in the garden ending up with a barbecue. Nice!

On yesterday’s walk to the park at the bottom of our road, Maud sat down, wouldn’t move a centimetre. Mungo who does whatever Maud does and never reasons why also sat down and refused to move  so I had to scoop them up in both arms and carry home, which nearly half killed me. So I’ve decided we all need a change of scenery, a river walk, some cows (always good for crazy barking)  plus a few ducks, the odd swan and that will stop the sitting down!


I’ve become a little addicted to Instagram so will post pictures of our little outing there. There is something fabulous about eating/entertaining outside so much nicer than in I find. This video that Sara Ruffin Costello did for Rue previewing Target’s spring line makes me want to throw a party right now. We don’t all have spaces this size but irrespective of the space its the lighting that nails it. Lanterns, firepits, lights strung in trees, super cool. You don’t need to spend oodles, fairy lights look fab, jam jars with t-lights scattered around the garden look fab. I’ve designed the lighting in our garden like I would a living room so all areas are lit with pools of light, beautiful. Infact I’ve got plans for the garden which I’m kind of keeping to myself and just you guys (of course). I fancy a little cabin at the back with a chimney so I can have fires, a stove, a comfy chair, a rug, and a desk. I have romantic images of writing away late at night in the summer or in the depths of winter with snow (even though it rarely snows) in this little cabin. It would involve tearing down some walls and possibly replanting the odd tree so its not the easiest of tasks but I like the idea.Here it is:



Each cabin is custom made  from old barn timber. So sweet don’t you think, and obviously I would spend a lot of time standing in the doorway like this!

I am rambling have a lovely weekend, see you Monday and very much look forward to meeting my class tomorrow for a day of design!


8 thoughts on “Yabbering

  1. love it and one day would love to sort better lighting in my garden as never really worked. pop that on the never ending list too.

    made me smile about Maud and Mungo. i have a basket on the back of my bike as Maggie often decides mid walk/bike ride that enough is enough so I pop her on the back. (she is smaller…..not sure your ‘little ones’ would fit) 🙂

  2. 3.5 month old Ozzy, our bichon frise, simply refuses to walk at all, full on sit down protest. Have been trying to leave the lead on while he potters so he can get used to it……..ends up a chew toy. Any suggestions?

    • Treats might help if you entice him along with a treat in your hand or carry him to the park where he sees other dogs and forgets about the lead altogether. Good luck with it

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