Doors as Art

I tell this story in my Design School quite a lot.  In a flea market once I happened upon the back of an old rusty sign and I loved so much the formation of how the rust sat on the metal that I snapped it up and hung it on the wall in our first store, 10 years ago. It was a huge piece but being a sign of no value I it brought for little more than 30 quid. First day of opening a customer comes into the store and asks who the artist is, and how much it is. I didn’t specifically want to say it cost £30 and that it was the back of an old sign so I kind of said that it wasn’t for sale. The customer offered me £2000 for it! I didn’t take it (I have a big problem selling things, specifically when I have just brought them and they look so beautiful in store but that  is a whole different story and one of the reasons I’m never allowed in the store these days)!  There was such interest in that sign that we actually accumulated a wait list the world over for me to source similar looking pieces. Crazy no?

Which takes me nicely to be next point – you can turn anything into art. Looking at Merchant Studio’s blog recently I noticed a fab feature on how doors have been used as art, here are some of them below. I am always either removing my doors so I don’t have any (and I barely do these days only on the bathroom and bedroom) or painting them out. However when I look at these images I’m thinking I rather like the different way of tackling them and using them as part of the installation!





9 thoughts on “Doors as Art

  1. totally loving the trompe l’oeil effect of the drawn on door……. (i think it’s drawn on?..) you could use that drawn on idea for loads of other things. still can’t find a salvaged fireplace i like for one of my rooms….may drawn it on !

    p.s. you held your nerve not selling that door. i admire you. i am not sure i would have been so ‘loyal’ as the price went up.. 🙂

  2. You really can turn anything into art, can’t you? As someone with so little knowledge of, but so intrigued by the art world, I find this fact utterly fascinating. I would happily hang all of these doors on my wall, regardless of the existence of a (door)frame for them.

  3. Hey Abi,

    Stumbled across your site a while back and loving the blog posts.

    I come from a graphic design background of 4 years and I had the opportunity last August to make the switch to interiors… your blog is well informative, inspirational and has been a real help in me making the transition from the platform of 2D to the world of 3D!

    Keep up the great work and posts.

    Cheers, Chris

  4. I’m truly passionate about interior design and all that it’s include. I just love you work and your posts are so fresh. Keep the amazing work dear.

    Kind regards,


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