Creating a sense of discovery

Is your pad unconventional, minimal, deceptively simple, colourful, or monochromatic?  Could be anything as literally anything goes these days which is what makes interiors so exciting right now. For any scheme to work, for me at least  it has to be grounded in beauty, don’t get me wrong I’m all for quirky, edgy and cool but super restrained so the underlying note when  you walk through my door is glamorous and a little bit disorientated.

Sounds odd right the disorientation thing?  It is but I can’t say this enough –  if everything harmonises and blends it can read as a little boring. Lets say you plonk in your space a few things that elevate the senses and tantalise the eye, a shot of intriguing colour say, or a cool piece of art, or an unusual lamp, or a kooky occasional table ( on and on I could go) it will lift your interior. You know you’ve nailed it when your eye is always travelling.

Take this space:


It pretty much nails it when it comes to creating that sense of discovery because where do you look. At the amazing headboard, nope wait a minute the lamp looks cool, hold that thought as the table is rocking it, oh but wait what about the bedspread! See what I mean – everything is grabbing our attention, clever because not everything in the space is a different hue,  it’s restricted, it’s cool and I could look at this space a good while.

One more thing. I’m planning for the new looking blog to go live this week (Thursday possibly) finally she says!  We’re running final tests today so if all goes as planned we can push the go button Thursday morning. Have worked on it all weekend, it’s a lot more meaty (not more words I here you cry), yes possibly but I’m loving it .  It is looking just like our website which is the total plan. The address will change I’ll update you on that, and posts go to twice daily. Design always every morning, with business, cool shoppable stories, Open Call, Current Obsessions and Taking the Mystery Out Of, each afternoon! Plus we’re opening the doors to our  content studio, I’ve been asked to do this alot in the past, write editorial style features for brands and now we’re doing it.  Our new mini ad agency creates custom content campaigns , having  received so many requests from brands wanting to work with us because they love our vibe  we now have the ability to create branded content. On the team are  the coolest bunch of  graphic designers , journalists and videographers to help you amplify your brands presence, should you so require.  Whether  you are big or small, whether you need help designing a banner ad, or shooting and styling a campaign the doors are now open.  Exciting hey!

Happy Tuesday x



9 thoughts on “Creating a sense of discovery

  1. “You’ve nailed it when your eye is always travelling”
    Love this thank you.
    I know which spaces inspire me but sometimes not sure why and I think the above is why. When you find yourself looking at the same image/space for a period of time it’s because you are taking it all in.

    Brilliant advice thank you 🙂

  2. Hi Abigail,
    As a man with a selection of DVDs as well as CDs, can you tell me if there is anyway I can make the look remotely interesting on a shelf?

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