We’re on the move

It’s official tomorrow is launch day! According to the tech team we should all be moved seamlessly across without even knowing it to the new blog site. Just  in case there is the odd hiccup I’ll be back in the morn with a link to the new address.

We’ve gone through a bit of a rebranding exercise, yesterday as I mentioned  I felt the blog (design wise) needed to step up its game and be more in line with my  actual website so cannot wait for all of that to happen.

Also stepping up its game are all our social media channels. From next week across the various different channels of Facebook, Instagram & Twitter you’ll find competitions (with giveaway design class tickets which are a bit like gold dust as they sell out pretty darn quickly), challenges, one day sales and flash sales, exclusive to those individual feeds. We’ve expanded the team at AA big team and have some truly talented people on board, which means we can start taking over the world.  I’m excited!

See you on the other side tomorrow.

Here are a couple of my instagram shots of my pad last night. This is Maud’s chair, nobody repeat nobody can sit on it let alone be going near it.


Because this is how you’ll usually find her, upside down with her feet in the air!


13 thoughts on “We’re on the move

  1. Looking forward to the ‘new look’ blog! If your website is anything to go by, it should be a feast for the eyes. I have an idea that may (or may not!) interest you. I’m a 3D Visualiser and noticed that you would provide a lot of advice/tips for your followers both here and on the forum regarding design tips. I was thinking how cool it would be to have your followers send you a photo of their space that you could ‘virtually’ makeover and I could show the result via a (photo-realistic) 3D Visualisation. It doesn’t have to be an entire room; it could be a certain feature, corner or area. My work was recently on display at Grand Designs Live and is currently being showcased on the Maxwell Render website. If you are interested I’d be happy to continue discussions with your team.

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