Inflatable chesterfields and other things

Just back from Paris on what turned out to be huge buying trip. So many gorgeous finds which I cannot wait to get into the store.  One of my most favourite pieces was an inflatable chesterfield for garden spaces. Made of PVC with accompanying armchair it comes in a whole host of colours. For the store I have ordered it in deepest darkest charcoal but and how fun is this they also do a mini version for little sprogs – I am getting one for Maud in pink. Ok she’s not a child but she is the closet thing I have to one – so she is having one.

Not only is it fabulous it blasts all that miserable garden furniture out the window that I have hated for years. Why is garden furniture so dull and bland and boring – well no longer I am so excited about selling this range. Oh its also practical (never I thing I take into consideration) but listen to this it comes with its own pump and inflates from flat to full in 5 mins and is sooo comfortable.

Gardens are going to look truly glamorous – not only have I ordered for the store and Maud but also our garden will be completely transformed with a couple of these hanging out around our outside fireplace.

Amongst many other things for the store also brought an adorable sofa that actually made my sister and I leap with joy when we saw it (we both ordered one for ourselves) and beyond gorgeous knitted bags (again which we both ordered for ourselves). If our other half’s read this (which they won’t) do not fear – we know that we were supposed to be purely buying for the store BUT we will love these finds until we are 90 so when you break down all those years against the cost – its peanuts!


Sneak Peak

We are opening in  The Shop at Bluebird in less than a month (yikes) and here is the sneakiest peak of what our collection will be looking like.

Paintings of 19 century gentleman proving that bad hair days are avoidable (yay), rabbits with some serious attitude and poodles cast from ceramic with light bulbs on their heads. Its a bold highly personal collection of things I love and I hope you do to. Its a trendy mix of home furnishings, whimisical, wonderful and very close to my heart. To me home is all about having a space that is comfy but filled with stuff that makes you smile – witty, sophisticated and a little bit tongue in cheek.

forprintWhat could be better than coming home after a long day at work to this guy – love his exuberant hair and only wish mine looked like that! Painted by the super talented Russell Lewis this is the first in the series. Totally exclusive to us we  can’t wait to see more of his collection!

rabbitsRabbits with attitude that double up as a money boxes. LOVE them – so old school yet new school with a modern vibe.

dog lamp detail-08We are a little animal mad here at Atelier as animals (so we believe) raise your spirits like nothing else. This little lady is playful, fun and the perfect side light. She’s still in her infancy but hopefully in a few weeks day will be making her debut in our new store.

New Collection

I have been keeping myself busy this last few difficult weeks with concentrating on what in my (humble) opinion has to be one of our best Autumn/Winter collections ever! Its eclectic, funny and heart warming. I have come to realise more than ever that I only want pieces in my house that make my smile  and so without further ado here is a sneak peak of some of the pieces that will be hitting the store in the next few weeks!


This fine looking chap came in this morning and doubles as a light. You can also install him outside as well as in – so I have nabbed one  for myself (one of the advantages of owning a store) and on my outside wall he is going this weekend!


Art that makes me smile is what is going to be adorning the store walls this Autumn. These guys are due in in a couple of weeks and also going into our new concession at The Shop At Bluebird, opening mid September So this is very much a sneak peak. I also wanted to nabb for home – but realised I hadn’t ordered quite enough – damm!


Reinventing the world of tables

One of my most favourite things in the world arrived this morning – ostrich tables. With their overt reference to the animal kingdom these tables are scattered all over my house – they can be dressed up or dressed down depending on your mood. To me they shout instant ‘happy chic” and add a joyous touch to any room and make a refreshing change from the miserable variety of tables out there in the world today. As a designer I am always on the look out for fabulous tables and the majority are so bland or so seen it all before that my prize goes to these beauties!GAP 0011344 Quirky console table with house plant