Join my AA community! A place to post images, discuss all things design-related and help me convert as many people as possible to the dark side. It’s way more fun over here!

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  1. How cool is this new blog look! Love it. Wanted to say a big thanks to Abigail for sharing her knowledge. A recent blog showing a ‘makeover’ bedroom with black walls and why it wasn’t working inspired me to look at my own bedroom which has a few black walls. It never felt quite right, not real cosy. Abigail had suggested softening black wall paint by using Farrow and Ball railings. I have followed the advice…what a difference! The walls just kinda envelop you.Even my partner noticed and he’s normally blind to decor! So BIG thanks 🙂

  2. It looks fab, very exciting! I read your blog on the tube in the morning (in bed on friday)! Very inspiring. I try to use your ideas when I change things around the house. I have a huge bay window, with half clear, half frosted glass that I’d love your view on in the Style Surgery. I’ll post a picture soon. X

  3. Can I submit a photo of before and after for any non-believers out there? I took your advice and painted my loo ceiling F&B Brinjal (as opposed to just the walls) and I LOVE it. seriously. It was F&B Strong White on the ceiling and Brinjal on the walls before and it wasn’t quite right. All in one colour has completely changed the feel of the room. BTW, I got back talk from the decorator who grumbled and muttered and thought it was a bad idea before he did it. HA. showed him.

    • I would love you to submit a before and after image that would be amazing. You can either do it thru the forum or you’ve got my email right, shoot it over to me and I will post it up. Cannot wait to see oh and glad you didn’t listen to the decorator!

  4. Hey Abi this looks brilliant you have been working so hard, how exciting this all is, I can hardly contain myself! Come on someone post something……

  5. Well done Abigail,always keeping things fresh. I haven’t quite had the nerve to go over to the dark side but I lnow that one of these days I’ll do it. Best of luck with the new approach.

  6. O fab – I shall look fwd to reading & watching the play – & maybe doing some myself, even if we only live in two rooms in my parent’s house bc I am so ill – is there a way to decorate over parents?

  7. Hi Abigail, so excited about your new blog, love the forum concept… I do have a question, if you, or any forum member can assist that would be much appreciated.
    I’ve chosen my colors, (dark of course ) from Porter’s Paint. I want to go, with painting – ceiling, trims, doors all the same color..My question is what to do with floors ? it’s a small cottage, with 4 rooms, plus sun room, at rear of the house, kitchen, lounge, and sun room will have all the same wall, trim, ceiling color, however the 2 adjoining rooms are a different color. Should I paint the floors to match the painted rooms…Does it matter that the floor colors will be different? Thanks so much…Domenica.

    • If I were you I would paint the floors to match the rooms. It doesn’t matter that the floors from room to room are different you just need the room as a whole to work cohesively. I’ve got for example black floor boards and walls in the hallway and grey floors and walls in my studio and it looks pretty darn cool!

  8. Hi Abigail, some instructions on how to use the forum would be great as this one seems quite different to all the other ones I’m on. Do you have to register for it? Or does the fact that I’m subscribed to your blog mean I’m already registered? If I need to specifically register to post on the forum where do I go to do that? How do you post a new thread? How do you post a photo?

  9. Awesome! Just awesome! The first thing I do on my computer every morning is read your blog before I start work. It´s my little pleasure before I enter my own design world. Love the new look. Congrats on a fab job xx

  10. Hey there
    Thanks for setting this forum up. Love your work – it looks almost good enough to eat! What are your thoughts on out of the tin black chalkboard paint for walls? The article about how not to do black walls has me a little nervous now! Thanks : )

    • Love chalkboard paint on walls, love. Its so deep and velvet like, am not sure if its as practical though as the standard stuff, I’ve heard it shows up marks quite easily but its gorgeous I for one adore it!

      • Just a piece of advice re chalkboard paint. If you use chalk on it, clean it with Coca Cola and it will come up like new every time. We have a restaurant and my husband learnt this trick years ago.

      • Thanks Tracey for the coke tip – yes I have this issue when I clean mine with water, my lovely big black well used chalk wall in my kitchen has turned into a powdery blue / green along the way and regular repainting is actually undesirable / costly but my 3 kids love to use it while I’m cooking. Its great for practicing spelling, maths / multitasking teaching while prepping dinner.

  11. Thanks Abigail…….for your prompt reply, much appreciated…That question/decision has been driving me batty for awhile, what a relief….Man this forum is SO COOL. I can’t believe the solution is really that simple…To receive this advice from my interior design guru… just made my day…..A BIG THANK YOU !!

  12. Hi Abigail
    For my birthday last year my mum bought me handles for my front door that I’d been harping on about for ages. Since then I’ve been wanting you to see them because I think you will love them. How can I get some pictures to you and let you see them.
    Kelly xx

    • Can you put them on the Forum do you think? If you give me a few mins on the blog I’m just putting up instructions on how to use the forum

    • Fab cannot wait to see them. I comment on Flickr and I’m my way out now but will be sure to view later. Speak shortly

  13. Love the idea of the Forum… to continue talking about what I learnt in your online design course. I must admit I didn’t like eclectic style at the beginning. But as much as I dived into your course I realized that it offers a different perspective… a perspective I like very much. So thank you Abigail, you opened me a new perspective! Waiting to have something to share with you… Elle

    • Thank you Elle I think eclectic can be whatever you so what it to be thats the great thing it blends so many different styles. Look forward to hooking up with you on the forum

  14. Hi Abbey, I came to your design master class in March and since then have painted a kitchen in very very dark grey (it was Dulux night jewels as the budget didnt stretch to F&B) walls, ceiling, skirtings and window frames and it looks amazing. I did have a small wobble when my decorator said it looked like a “coal bunker” and was I sure I wanted to leave it like this! I left it and against the all white kitchen it looks amaze balls. I will get signed up to your forum and if its ok I would like to post a before and after to show people to be brave and got for it and most importantly DO NOT listen to decorators (who should just stick to decorating and keep their comments to themselves!)

    • Would love you to show before and afters it will inspire us all no end. Couldn’t agree more about not listening to decorators I don’t think I’ve met one thats been on board

  15. I love the whole look but have a house full of young children so the 100% dark thing doesnt feel like it fits right now on an energy level for my home. However, would like to find the bridge between injections of some dark moody spots within an overall light / coloured eclectic/ classical scheme. The bottom right photo (most recent on facebook, the photo post linking through to this blog) of light colourful lounge with one inky feature wall is spot on where I am headed…so tuning in whilst my creative finds its path. I already have a black kitchen, grey bathroom, silver bedroom all blended with an overall cream / white palette, but foyer, lounge, hall, one childs room, work studio and mud room entry still to work my magic on !!

  16. Also I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to post pics to get some group input into as many of my spaces are 70% done with remaining 30% wow element still waiting to be injected. How and where do we share.

  17. Hi Abi…new to twitter but just signed up 2 join the forum…not sure i’ve dun it rite?? Wanted to show before and after of my little kids rooms (age 4 & 7) that I’ve taken over to the dark side. My sisters CURSED me 4 wanting 2 go dark, but a couple of weeks later…lo and behold my little niece is miraculously rockin’ a couple of dark walls in her bedroom ha! Hope u all like them but need little advice on how 2 post plz :-/ Love ya new website btw….totally unlike anything out there….awesome!!! Xxx

    • Very much looking forward to seeing before and afters. If it doesn’t make sense on how to join the forum with this link ( then email Sharona she is genius and breaking it down on

  18. Loveeeee ! your new website and I would love to post some pics of my home (not complete yet:)) that inspired by you and would love to learn your though.Thank god we have you:)

  19. Hi Abigail! Your site looks fantastic! I have a quick question for you, if this is the right place to ask for style advice. My partner and I have bought our first home and the living area is proving difficult. The front door opens up in the living area, with a staircase running along the left hand side. It only leaves the right hand side for our television which means the back of our sofa is the first thing you see as you walk in. I don’t think it looks that bad, but I keep reading that you should never place your lounge so that the back faces the door way. What are your thoughts on the backs of sofas? Any tips on the right type of sofa to buy for a small living room with this issue?

    • Ignore what you read, I used to have a sofa that when you walked into a room you saw the back and there is nothing wrong with that. If you can soften it by having a small ideally round occassional table at the end nearest the the front door it will take the emphasis away. Add on a few pillows to soften it further and you are there. In terms of style it is so personal, I tend to go for sofas that look squishy and comfortable in that classic George Smith style which lots of companies emulate. Its a classic shape but you can take it contemporary with your choice of fabric

  20. Abigail what email address should i send my “dark side” pics to? im being silly today or maybe its the heat?! x

  21. Hi Abigail
    I am a 31 year old GP who has got her own room to decorate, at the moment it’s cream walls, cream carpet, built in wood cabinets and desk in a purpose built GP surgery. I would love to have an interior that patients would feel at home in in their 10 minute consultation. I think the sea green and peach colours that hospitals use are over done. Do you have any suggestions, I will be seeing a variety of patients and having baby clinics.

    Many thanks

    Teena George

    Love your blog , think your doing a great job

    • That’s a hard one particularly as colour as so personal. From a personal perspective green and grey are a beautiful combination and neither shout masculine or feminine which could work. Can you replace the carpet or have you got to work with it? You could easily paint the cupboards out the same colour as the walls would totally make them go away. On my pinterest boards I put up lots of different colour combos might be worth starting there for inspiration finding colours that you respond too first and foremost and working from there. Let me know how you get on

  22. Hey Abigail, what an intersting blog!!! Really impressive. I wanted to know if we could contribute an article towards your blog. We write regularly for various home decor blogs.This is NOT a paid service and we don’t want anything in return.. We are merely trying to get featured on another blog that’s all.
    Looking forward to hear from you soon.

  23. Hi Abigail,

    I absolutely love your blog. I am launching an online interiors magazine and am including a page on my favourite interiors blogs. I would like to reference yours, and include one of your images if possible. Would this be possible and if so, what credit would I need to include (other than your name and a link to your blog) – should I include the details of the person who owns the rights to your images?
    Cat x

  24. Hi Abigail

    I’m having a little tile dilemma. My bathroom is off of my kitchen (never the best situation!) I’m currently having an edwardian type bathroom fitted and love the Moroccan type tiles and wondered if I should take this right through the kitchen too as the rest of the house is original floorboards… Would greatly appreciate any advice to help me decide

    Loving your blog and amazing interior advice!


    • You can totally do that, tiles and floorboards easily mix and if you love them then you are half way there to having a fabulous space. If got concrete floors in my lower ground, tiles in my bathroom and floorboards everywhere and having different floor surfaces means that each area has a slightly different vibe which I love.

  25. Thanks for all your inspiration Abigail… I am actually going to paint my small bathroom black now, my family all think I’m nuts but I’m going to be brave and go black! My only question is how on earth do I know what kind of black paint to get??… any ideas or names of paint you could recommend would be fantastic!



  26. Hi Abigail.
    I love your work and I think you have got a real talent.
    I especially liked your post about the talking animal heads. I have got unique animal heads and masks in my little shop in camden amongst various other handmade things that I bought in Ibiza and Africa.
    Have a look if you like and you are always welcome at my shop 🙂



  27. Hi Abi, I could never understand how can you keep blogging every single day (well Monday to Friday) until I started my 92 days challenge and I blog every day including weekends! And I love it! And more I write, more I get inspired and want to write more. I love your work since day one I saw it on tv and it is very similar to what I like (and do you could say). Good luck with the work and say hi to your husband! Your latest post made me laugh so much, incredible. Kat

  28. Hi, are you considering doing any design classes in the North next year? I am based in York and a shop called Imaginarium has recently opened stocking your beautiful lamps (which I immediately bought in advance as a Christmas present from my husband….!) and am inspired. Would love to attend one. Thanks, Lisa

    • Thanks Lisa, we don’t have any plans as yet but if it helps they are held once a month in London in my pad, which I find is easier for everyone because as well as looking at a screen for the day you can wonder round and see it in practice here

  29. Hi Abigail, I love the blog. I wonder if you would be interested in me providing some interesting content for your future articles?
    We are a contemporary timber door supplier, specialising in bespoke doors (both internal and front doors) – see some examples of internal bespoke doors here –
    Basically we can provide high resolution images, technical information or any other information you may find useful. Let me know if this would be interesting for you.

  30. HI! I hope you can help with some ideas!! I am about the buy the Favn Sofa which I love but I dont seem to find a sofa table that I love for it… any suggestions?

  31. I love hearing what people are doing with their spaces.
    Im a ” it makes me feel good” or “it doesnt” person when it comes to Interior decoration: – I am never quite sure what it is that specifically ticks the right boxes, so I am loving your daily blogs, which are teaching me how to see what it is that actually ticks the box!
    Thank u for making what you do accessible to the general public Abigail.

  32. Abigail, I love to stalk your blog and FB page, your style is truly Individual and inspiring. Do you ever write and advise about artwork? I struggle to find unusual and affordable pieces. Keep up the good work and I hope to make it to one of your workshops some day. X

  33. hello
    can anyone tell me the name of the teal paint used on the round table in Abigail’s house? having embraced the darkside and painted my sitting room downpipe,I now need to inject some colour on the furniture.many thanks. kara

  34. Hi there,

    Is this lamp the Signal lamp from french designer Jieldé ?

    I m really looking forward to get this lamp. I definitely appreciate it’s industrial/factory style !

    Thanks for the nice pictures btw !

  35. Hey… Just wondering if anyone can recommend a tiler in London?? I’ve just had the most awful job done on my bathroom and need someone to advise/fix!!

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.



  36. Thanks tor your reply!

    Unfortunately, this is where I got the tiler who made a complete mess of things in the first place so trying to steer clear of those websites!

  37. Hi Abigail!
    Recently my fiancé and I purchased a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment. It is brand spanking new so definitely needs a lot of work to add character. I absolutely adore your dark style of decor; I think it is the perfect combination of edginess, quirkiness and hominess. Unfortunately, the place is white.. Very white. Apart from grey tiles. As it is brand new my partner cannot see why we would paint it straight away. (Crazy, right!!?). Haha I do see his point, however I wanted to ask you if you has any stylish ideas for a breakfast bar or a cosy outdoor breakfast nook eg. Couches, chairs cute low tables or anything! Any advice would be amazing, thank you so much!

    • Hi Rachel, personally I would paint no point holding on especially if you are drawn to dark hues, even if its one area. This is personal obvioulsy but I would be wanting to live in the coolest space imaginable and not wait just because its recently been painted. I think the thing with breakfast bars and outdoor areas is to decorate them as you would your living room, and accessorize up. Lamps are cool on the surface of a breakfast bar, vintage stools are fab. For outdoors Ikea do great loungish looking outdoor chairs. Not knowing your style or budget (and regrettably not having oodles of time) I can’t really give you specifics on couches and furniture etc but resources I look at regularly include West Elm, Anthrop, Etsy, Canvas Home hope that helps. I wouldn’t worry about the character thing you can easily add that through accessories and paint.

  38. hello ,
    is every colour equally suitable to be used in a dark version?
    grey always seems to work,but what about brown,green,purple etc…
    i think a lot has to do with the capacity of the dark colour of being a host to decoration objects(and colours),without
    being to intrusive itself,especially when used for the whole room

    • Most colours yes. I’ve got my house painted out in greys, browns, blacks, so yes they make excellent background colours. I love them because they don’t shout ta da they just quietly do their job making everything else look fantastic

  39. You give me courage to be decisive . My style is kooky and I must admit that while I have gone for dark walls at home, I have yet to go the whole hog with woodwork, ceilings or windows. I’ve recently done some work on my former home, a 110 year old red brick ‘workers dwelling’ that of a housing area for bottling factory workers from 100 years ago in an old area of Dublin, called Ringsend. It is now a rental property, though will always be my cherished ‘gal pad’ from my sex in the city days pre marriage and babies. Its become my ‘trial run’ opportunity for decorating ideas – Recently I added panelling in hall and stairs. Took the plunge and removed all the old carpet, painted the old stairs, hand rail, returns, and bedroom doors in a knock off of Farrow and Ball’s ‘off black’. Kept panelling and walls white as its a tiny space. Looks fab however stairs are in bad condition due to years of old paint which I didn’t have the budget to pay to have removed by my handy decorator. Am contemplating a stair runner to deflect attention however that seems a backward step towards carpetting. Any suggestions? Flooring in hall, dining and sitting room is French oak, stairs are visible as I have removed walls to open up the cramped space.

    Sarah, Ireland

    • Funny am in the same situation on the stair front, ours are painted out are not in the best condition. I’m on the hunt and if I find anything will let you know. Kelly Wearstler a US designer put down a beautiful runner in her LA home which I love

  40. Hi Abigail. I’d love to know your thoughts on painting a smallish double bedroom in a Victorian terrace. I’d like to use a grey on the walls, but am worried it might look a bit heavy on the panelled fitted wardrobes (either side of a fireplace, opposite the bed). Also, what to do with the window and the wooden fireplace…

    Am also stuck with the entrance hallway and stairs! Would a white of sorts be best on walls and ceilings from top to bottom of the house? There is the sloping underside of the stairs on the entrance level to contend with and then a big skylight on the top floor, so am uneasy about different wall and ceiling colours. The living room, off the hall, will probably be F&B Cornforth white, with All White cornice and ceiling.
    Thank you!

    • Hi Lindsay I hate to say I am the worst person to ask about white as I really am not a fan so if it were me everything would be dark from the ceilings to the trim to the walls. It doesn’t matter that it your room is small. Painting out small rooms dark when you consider it doesn’t make them seem smaller at least not by much. If a small room is small its small no matter what you do. If you google my sisters pad Gemma Ahern you will see that she has decorated her hallway beautifully and that gets no natural light. Having said that if you don’t gravitate towards dark colours then stay light because you have to love the effect. The biggest game changer is no matter what colour on the walls do the exact same on the ceilings it will make the walls appear longer than they really are

  41. on stairs…..

    Hi again

    have seen zebra print semi circular stair tread mats on ebay (item 380713178540) which are possibly so wrong they’re right…I feel like the white parts would to too hard to keep on high traffic stairs. Also lovely colourful braided primitive american jute oval stair tread mats on – while they are cottagey in US context, I’m these might bring lovely texture and colour to soften the hardness of stairs painted in off black…

  42. Hi Abigail, I’ve just had my beautiful Hare delivered and I haven’t opened him yet as I’m at work. Just wondering if you know what kind of bulb he takes so I can go and get some to try him out when I get home! Thanks x

  43. Hi Abigail

    2 weeks ago I went to 2nd base and painted my bedroom walls and downstairs WC in downpipe. Loved it and yesterday went ‘all the way’ and did the ceilings too. You are soooo right Abigail! TOTAL GAMECHANGER! Even in the small WC. Feels like velvet. My lovely polish painter thought I was bonkers but even he loves it. My oblivious husband hasn’t mentioned it yet – bet he doesn’t even notice….I won’t be telling either as my little dark secret gives me such a thrill….I feel like a new person – I know you and your acolytes won’t think me pathetic for admitting that. Decor risks and changes do me more good than a new hairdo!

    Sarah, Ireland

    • Love that comparison ‘decor risks and changes do more good than a hairdo’! So happy you’ve crossed to the darkside and also painted the ceiling out as well. Huge congrats. It’s funny hey how people get so worried about doing the ceiling – and same thing here no ones notices when they come round!

  44. Absolutely love your blog, it has wealth of information and advice.Building a cottage in the hills with 2 bedrooms , living room and a sit out in duplex. Can send a layout for your suggestions on the shades to choose , it will be greatly helpful.

    • How exciting. Please forgive not being able to help with shades I get inundated with so many requests and regrettably I would get zero work done if I answered them all so I have to be quite strict with myself sorry. Your project sounds amazing, in terms of colour go with what you love and forget what anybody else tells you, me included!

  45. Hi there!
    Very cool blog! FInally I found one that win´t going with the flow – I am inspired! I hope we can follow each other 🙂
    Best, Danielle – Interiorwise (Copenhagen, Denmark)

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